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 I'm Merry!

I'm an intimate wedding and elopement photographer, wife, and lover of simplicity.  I have a passion for marriage and the legacy that love brings to the world around us!  I'm so glad you stopped by! Lets grab a cup of tea, or go on a walk and get to know each other.  I'm really looking forward to it! 

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Dear New Friend,

         It’s an interesting thought to realize there are some people you’ve known your whole life (or their whole life if your a few years older!) but when you get down to it, you really don’t know them at all. Justin is one of those people. Our dads are brothers.  We are […]

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Justin & Jacqueline

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One thing that Gabe and I are very passionate about is marriage. If you’ve explored the website at all, you’ve probably seen the page that says exactly that…word for word.  I love going to bed each night next to him and seeing his sleepy face in the morning. I love how we both value our health and appreciate […]


I Was Never a Fraud

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