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April 19, 2017

Mike & Asia & Aaron

With breakup in full swing here in the Last Frontier, hiking around the Eagle River Nature Center in slushy snow, wearing a long skirt, pushing a stroller, with a dog on a leash was no easy feat. For Mike and Asia however it seemed like a piece of cake! Not only did they walk the trails with ease, managing their 16 month old son, and their dog Ruthie, but they looked fabulous doing it. I mean, are you seeing what I’m seeing? Once we got into a groove, the playfulness with little Aaron made the beautiful photos just keep coming. I find that when it comes to photos, the more I have people do the types of things they normally do, everything becomes  a lot more genuine. For example, a curious 16 month old is going to want to play with the snow, or pet the dog, or run along the boardwalk, or be held on his daddy’s shoulders.. so that is precisely what we did. We had a grand time walking and talking, enjoying the sunshine, and capturing the beauty of these amazing people in this amazing place!


Talk to you soon!

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