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January 5, 2017

Trevor & Katrina – Lake Oswego, OR

I can’t be the only one wondering how in the world it is already January of 2017, can I?  The year ended with traveling and celebrating right along with unexpected loss and  sorrow. God, as always, continues to amaze me in how he brings people together just as much on the mountain peaks in life as he does in the shadowed valleys. Trevor & Katrina’s wedding was a beautiful example of friends and family coming together to celebrate!  To celebrate love. To commune together.  To dance. To laugh. And most of all to commit to loving and supporting them through the joys and sorrows that will come as their marriage adventure unfolds. The fun part for Gabe and I is that Trevor and Katrina are family, so we will get to see their marriage grow for a long, long time! Oh, and funny side-note, we decided to go to the coast for a day after the festivities ended and who did we run into on their honeymoon???  Why Trevor and Katrina of course! Here is the long awaited full post of their day! Enjoy


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