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November 1, 2016

A Blog? …oh no

Starting a blog for a business is kind of a daunting task. Questions run through my head. Do I have enough content for that? How will I find the time to keep up with it? Who will even read it anyway? And while I could let all those questions stop me from even trying, I figured I would ignore them all, and write about something that isn’t even business-related.

Gratitude. I figured I would start my blog out the same way that I try to start out everyday…by being grateful. There was a period of time where I was in the habit of writing down a few things I was thankful for at the beginning of each day. ( I haven’t been in the habit of doing this lately, which is probably why I have been a Cranky Pants. No really, ask Gabe) They couldn’t be things that I was thankful for yesterday, or would accomplish later in the day, but had to be present at that exact moment . Sometimes the list consisted of silly things like the fuzzy socks on my feet, or the sparkly feathers on the end of my pen. Regardless of how silly or serious these things were, they brought me into the present. They allowed me to put names to things that were appreciated at the exact moment they were being appreciated.

Every day we have a choice. We can choose to be loving and thankful, or we can choose to be selfish. So today, on the first day of this blog I’ll leave you with a little of what I’m grateful for right now, in this moment. I hope it encourages you, as I know it will help me get my day started with my heart in the right place.

  • A warm drink of tea on a wet chilly day. I love how it warms me from the inside out.
  • The way steam dances on the surface of the cup as it rises up up up and dissipates.
  • Dry feet. Haha, I wore my running shoes today, not thinking about the fact that they are thin mesh material and it is pretty wet outside.
  • Community. As I sit here in this coffee shop I see groups of people of all different ages gathering to enjoy coffee and each other. Some tables consist of students doing homework, while another is a group of older women. With graying hair they update each other on the kids and grandkids as they enjoy pastries. Men in raincoats and biking gear stop in for a warm treat after a cold ride, and the line grows and shrinks as people come in and out. Community, is something that is easy for me to take for granted. I live in an amazing community, and I have an amazing community of local and international friends and family!
  • Art and color. A lot of restaurants and art galleries around town change the art every month to feature local artists. The art that decorates the walls here is full of color and texture that makes you feel like you’re at the beach! A welcome feeling on such a cold day.
  • The freedom to read my Bible, talk to God, and write down the lessons he’s taught me in a public place. That is actually what I came here to do this morning. Life is in certain transitions right now, as Gabe works night shift at the hospital and is starting to have interviews all over the country for Physicians Assistant (PA) school. He got home this morning, exhausted and hungry. After feeding him a yummy breakfast of sweet potato pancakes topped with almonds, cranberries, and bacon (seriously, it was so good), and snuggling for a bit before he went to bed, I decided to get out of the house for a bit so he can sleep in a quiet house.

Soooo…as much as that is not business related at all, I hope it helps you in some way. Actually, this is something that helps get my day started on the right note, which allows me to be patient, giving, and loving towards others making the whole day go better (no more Mrs. Cranky Pants) Which I guess, is crucial for running a business! So it is business related after all! BOOM!

Talk to you soon.

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    Thinnikg like that is really amazing