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yes, like merry christmas

First things first, I was not born in December, but I think I live up to my name. I mean, I'm a relatively happy person most of the time! I am a New England/Alaska based photographer but I absolutely LOVE traveling! I am an introvert who knows how to be an extrovert, a listener who knows how to be a talker, and a tea drinker who can often be found at coffee shops. I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine, and that yes, the early bird does, in fact, get the worm. I am married to, and have all sorts of adventures with my best friend, and it is a well-known fact among our family and friends that our dog, Leonidas, is without a doubt the best snuggler on the planet! 

To hear our story, meet my man, and find out what we're about, 

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                         is my husband and best friend. He balances me out. He makes me laugh, and inspires me to be better. He is a giver by nature. Whether its doing the laundry, working hard behind the scenes at church, repairing someone's car, tutoring someone in Organic Chemistry, or giving me the last bite of dessert, he is seemingly always putting others before himself. He finds the "oh so dreaded" organic chemistry fun, renovated our apartment (yes, it looks like it came right out of Pinterest!), and has rebuilt the klutch in his car (who does that?). He is one smart cookie! Speaking of which, he loves dessert, especially gelato. He has an adventurous spirit (our first date involved fire and food and a hike!), is driven to grow in physical strength and strength of character, and constantly supports and encourages me in the pursuit of my dreams!

...oh, and he has the brightest smile and his eyes make me weak in the knees, and he's super strong, and ... ok, I'll stop! 

...the man of the hour!

Here he is ladies and gentlemen

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                                              and our relationships with God that served as the foundation when we started dating. Because Gabe knew my past, he ended up talking to my parents and my sisters to ask their permission to date me, and then a few months later he did the same thing (but in person) to ask if he could marry me. I'm the realist in our relationship, and Gabe is the optimist, and while it wasn't love at first sight, once we got to know each other on such a deep level it was obvious that spending the rest of our lives together was the best decision we could make. 

                             is a story of healing. The summer we met was the summer that followed Gabe calling off his engagement to his fiancé, and preceded me moving out of state to pursue an internship at a children's hospital. My heart had been broken a few years before through the shock of divorce (long story) and while picking up the pieces I had learned a lot about myself and God and love and had finally gotten to a point where I knew what I wanted to do with my life. He had just moved back to Alaska, overcoming the hurts that come with an unhealthy relationship and was using the summer to study for his MCAT exam to apply for medical school. We met at church, but also tended to run into each other around town from time to time. When I moved out of state that fall, we kept in touch.

Our story 

Deep friendship 

It wasn't until

                                        the following summer that our relationship blossomed. We realized that my aunt had been his high school chemistry teacher, that he knew one of my uncles, and that we were neighbors. Yep, it turned out that he was the boy next door! Whether it was taking my dog on a walk with me, or eating dinner together, we started to become really good friends. It led to really honest conversations that led to deep insights into each other's character, and the ability to challenge each other in areas of weakness. 

                          for three months, and were engaged for two. Ask us how things are going in 90 years and I'm sure we'll have a few good stories for you!

We dated

Here is our story

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... the fast version! 

Marriage !

...we are passionate about marriage.

Weddings are great, and your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life, but ultimately, it is the first day of your marriage. Marriage is something that lots of people want, but when we take a step back, is something that we aren't really taught how to be successful at. I mean, we fall in love and get married, and just expect to not only know how to be a husband or a wife, but to be a good one! It takes time. It takes energy. It takes forgiveness. It takes humility and learning from those who have marriages worth imitating. We will tell you right now that all of the time and energy and grace that you put into your marriage is worth it! We are extremely grateful for the couples God has placed in our life who have invested in us and supported us to grow into our roles as husband and wife. We would love to be your photographers on your wedding day, but even more than that we would love to be present as you start your marriage. We'd love to fight along side you as your journey unfolds, and help you celebrate again in 10, 20, or 50 years!

So what exactly are we about? 

Well, first and foremost God, and second...

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love to cook!

We like picking the ingredients, creating flavor combinations, pairing it with wine, sharing it with friends, and the like.  We eat in, a lot more than we eat out, and who knows, maybe we'll invite you over to share a meal with you! 


can talk like Donald Duck
...and Chewbacca

(granted not at the same time, but he's working on it!) 


is a nerd!

(Not just kind of a nerd... a major nerd! His degree is in biochemistry, he uses trigonometry in every day life, and has even explained biochemical breakdowns to residents and nurses at the hospital to help them better care for their patients. He took this picture through a microscope in the lab.)


Well actually, she loves to drink just about every hot beverage there is...except coffee. No worries though if you are a coffee drinker Gabe loves the stuff. 

is a tea drinker! 


has been known to buy herself flowers. 

She's always loved flowers. When she was single she would buy herself flowers once a month just because. Ever since Gabe came around, he's beat her to the punch every time!

...and he is one of a kind! He has survived a moose stomping (had jaw surgery, and yes, he wore the cone of shame for 5 months!), is not effected by sleep aids when flying, has been invited to parties, and will snuggle at the drop of a hat.

have a dog named Leonidas



We did. We ventured right over the north pole to the other side of the planet and found ourselves in Iceland,  where glaciers and hot springs co-exist! We were also married on a frozen marsh with burn barrels out to keep our guests warm... I guess you could say we're drawn to the fire and ice combo!  

honeymooned in the land of 
Fire and Ice!

That's right, Gabe is an Eagle Scout!  Merry likes to tease him about how his rebelious phase as a teenager was when he dropped out of boyscouts, only to return and become an Eagle Scout! He embodies the code well. 

has wilderness survival skills!


We've seen lone caribou in riverbeds, wolverines crossing the road, moose calves nursing, bears with multiple cubs at close range, and been surrounded by buffalo, just to name a few. 

always see animals
            in odd situations!


This is someone who uses knowledge of childhood development and creative therapies to help hospitalized children cope. She's been able to help kids undergoing all sorts of traumatic experiences 

is a Certified 
Child Life Specialist


Merry's grandma lives in assisted living and has alzheimer's. We take her out weekly for coffee.  She doesn't know who we are, but we pick her up each week and enjoy an outing. Merry is currently putting together a series of drawings of her to have an art exhibition.  


           go on weekly   grandma dates!

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I knew you wanted to know more! 

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The Experience


                               .      I’m sure you’re thinking “How does this relate to MY wedding images?” Well, let me explain. I have talked to countless brides and friends, even my own sister, who have told me the same story. Their wedding day was beautiful. With their closest friends and family, they celebrated with delicious food, décor, and dancing. However, when all was over, their photos did not reflect this. They had no photos that they absolutely loved and in some cases they met the photographer the day of their wedding. In talking to each of them, the one “do-over” that they wished to have when it came to their wedding was the photos. 


                                officially official and your date has been secured, it's time to schedule an engagement session! The engagement session is the key to our process in that it really gives us a good stepping stone in getting to know you as a couple. It also gives you an understanding of how we work, allowing us to be comfortable with one another. This is HUGE! By building trust during the engagement shoot our couples know exactly what to expect from us on their wedding day, are familiar with poses, and we are able to capture the genuine joy of their day as the moments unfold! 

Okay, okay...

                              that your photos should beautifully portray your story as you begin your life together. You have invested a lot of time and energy into your relationship with your fiancé, and you are probably currently in the process of investing a lot of time, and energy into planning your wedding day. We want to invest our time in you. That’s right! We believe that the best way to get absolutely stunning photos that portray the beauty and intimacy of your wedding day is by putting our time and energy into getting to know you, so that you can relax and enjoy every moment of your wedding day!

To contact us for more detailed information. We’re excited to hear from you! 

We believe 

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Once you're

Gabe and I

                                 got married outside on a frozen marsh in the middle of February in Alaska. We had burn barrels out to keep our guests warm, as we all gathered together out on the ice. Following the ceremony we met our guests at my aunt’s house for an assortment of home-made scones, egg casserole, coffee, tea, and mimosas. With a fire in the fireplace we started our life together in much the same way that we had developed our relationship… sharing great conversation and a meal with those who had helped shape us as individuals. Our photographs beautifully relayed the emotion and story of the day. 



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